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        We are a business-oriented organization dedited to advancing the national fed ttle value chain in nada.

        The National
        ttle Feeders’ Association

        Established in 2007, we represent nadian ttle feeders on national issues and work in collaboration with other ttle organizations and government to strengthen and improve the ttle feeding industry. Building on our demonstrated track record, the NCFA is well positioned for continued success.

        The National ttle Feeders’ Association is the organization in nada through which ttle feeders n speak with a unified voice.

        Programs and Advocy


        NCFA is governed by a Board that includes directors appointed by our provincial member organizations, plus another director representing the nadian ttlemens’ Association (C). Each province also appoints a staff representative to work with the board and execute on our collective decisions and priorities. NCFA maintains an effective and ongoing presence in Ottawa through a highly dedited team of consultants who lend their expertise and advice on our various politil, regulatory, and trade issues.

        Our Annual

        How did NCFA work for it’s provincial members last year? Download our annual report here for complete details.

        Latest Industry News